About Beau Noir Media LLC

There’s a huge push for better standards of living, but entertainment isn’t following suit. Beau Noir Media LLC exists for people who crave inspiration, meaning and purpose.


 To raise societal standards by creating and becoming the home of unique content that moves, inspires, entertains and enlightens the world.


Beau Noir Media LLC will accomplish its vision by creating unique, unfiltered content that will introduce new ideas, perspectives and, of course, immense “feels”. The website will expand to include awesome works from other authors, illustrators, film makers, and video game creators.

My Story

Like my idol, Rod Serling, I’m a tired, nonconformist trying to obtain my freedom from the system, so I can create art and tell stories that move people, on my terms.

People have always told me what I couldn’t do, who I couldn’t be and why my dreams were unrealistic. I’ve never been good at listening so I joined the Marine Corps when I was told I couldn’t hack it. Then, I went to college and completed my undergrad and graduate degrees in 3 years to learn how to become a better communicator and a multifaceted professional.
Ironically, I did not go to school to “find a job.” I went to find myself, and fortunately, that’s what happened.

That isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with wanting to do things the traditional way. I have held several jobs at great places.

It’s not that I dislike the corporations I have worked for, or the people I’ve met.

Despite my time in the Marine Corps, college and business school, I wrestled with two dilemmas:
1. Taming my need to create
2. Managing my overabundance of unbridled passion. 

Like most artists, creating is my divine nectar. Without the opportunity to draw or write, I cease to exist. No amount of money can satisfy my need to create; however, it can help cover the bills while I create until my body withers into the ether of the cosmos.


What is Beau Noir?

Beau Noir is a concept. Its etymology is a play on the word Beautiful and the French word Noir.

The genre is characterized by intellectual & spiritual depth, action, and drama with dark, morbid, macabre and eccentric themes in fantasy settings. Basically, it’s [Existential] Philosophical Fantasy.

With your help, the Beau Noir genre will penetrate every facet of entertainment:

Books, Comics, Art & Illustration

Film and Animation

Video Games


Meet the Creator

I have a vision that I can change the way people think, feel and act, by creating content that I'm passionate about.
I created Beau Noir as the umbrella for all of the things I want to give to the world through out my lifetime. If I move, inspire and entertain anyone, then my life's purpose is being fulfilled.

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Mark A. Figueroa

Founder & content creator

Found Beau Noir / Beau Noir Media brands
Content creator
Web developer and designer
Brand manager and marketer

In case you were wondering about the two websites:

I created Beau Noir first, but then thought about what I want to do 10 years from now. So, to give myself some freedom, I created Beau Noir Media as the creative arm of the Beau Noir brand.

"Media" is attached to it because I want to convey my art through different forms of media. And, I also thought Beau Noir Entertainment sounded gaudy. And... I really like saying BN[R]M; it just sounds cool.